Nithya Menen and what she said about Prabhas…

Nithya Menen and what she said about Prabhas…

Did Nithya Menen, who made her debut in Ala Modalaindi, really insult Prabhas? What exactly did she say? Why are lot of websites reporting it? Did she really mean what she said? Moreover, does it show her arrogance or is she so naive that she doesn’t even know who Prabhas, one of the biggest stars of Telugu film industry, is?

It all began when and reported about the incident on June 20, 2011 about Nithya insulting Prabhas. Apparently, the crime which she committed boils down to this statement —> “I don’t know who Prabhas is.”  I can understand the stand taken by that the least anyone who’s working in the industry could do is know the names at least the top stars, directors, producers and other technicians. However, the “most popular” website which derives a huge chunk of its traffic from USA has got it completely wrong! I know this because I was there when the incident happened during a press meet where Nithya was promoting her upcoming film 180.

Here’s the actual sequence of events which led to that statement :

A journalist asked her, why she had rejected an offer to act in a Telugu film starring Venkatesh. Apparently, she decided to turn down the offer because of the age difference between the two, the proceedings of which are well-documented in this article @ TOI, published on June 7. The article also mentions her quoting that Siddharth wanted Shruti Haasan for O My Friend and hence she was replaced. When she was asked this question, Nithya quipped that her statements have been misinterpreted because she never wanted to offend Venkatesh and also added that she’s a big admirer of the star. She said, “We belong to two different generations and when you have a romance angle between the two, the audience wouldn’t really believe that. I have no problem doing such roles but what’s the point if people don’t connect to it. Moreover, I look so small when I stand next to him.”

The moment she mentioned about different generation and height factor, another journalist, asked her, quite sarcastically, if she would accept a role opposite Prabhas. The intention was clear because the topic had been diverted to her height factor. However, it’s here that she was surprised by the question and her reply stunned us even more. “Prabhas..? Who’s he?” she questioned. The murmurs had begun; HOWEVER it was quite evident that she really didn’t know who he was. And then she quips, “Ohh…please don’t write about this. Already I have been dragged into controversies for no reason!” We recovered from the shock and explained her that his recent film Mr.Perfect was a huge hit and for that she said, “Oh..I didn’t know that. I really didn’t know that.” Further, we asked her what was last Telugu film she had seen, she replied “Magadheera”, apart from her debut film in Telugu, Ala Modalaindi. And that’s when she informed us that she doesn’t watch films at all.  Throughout the press conference, each and every journalist was smiling or laughing at the proceedings. At one point, when the PRO of the film 180 asked her a question, she jokingly asked him, “Sir, why are you posing a question? You are not a journalist.” And everyone pitched in to tell her that he indeed is a senior journalist. For that, all she said was “oh..” and the press meet continued.

I have seen journalists openly arguing with the stars and even staging a walk out because of some remark. However, nothing of that sort happened here. No one took anything seriously and it was all in good humour. So, why did the gossip mongers go overboard in reporting the incident? It’s because when the lines are quoted out of context, it is a great way to infuriate Prabhas’ fans! And that’s exactly what happened the moment both these websites published the article. Here is one such tweets which I had come across on this incident :

“I hate Nithya. She told who is prabhas when someone asked if she would like to act with him. She doesn’t seem headstrong?”

Now, whether she was lying or speaking the truth is left to our imagination. But from what I could infer at the press meet, she really didn’t seem like someone who would lie just for the sake of publicity or throw an attitude. Since her statements have been blown out of proportion, twice, I wonder if she’ll speak her heart out in future. This always happens. Each side tries to piss off the other side and more or less someone always ends up in trouble. Show some mercy on her…will ya? She’s easily one of the most talented actresses we have in South and it would be pity if she’s dragged into such silly controversies. So, what’s the nature of her crime? You prefer.

She did speak a lot about her career so far. You can read the complete article here @ Nithya Menen’s Life Takes a 180 degree turn

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  1. This line pretty much sums up GA’s attitude with every article of theirs – “It’s because when the lines are quoted out of context, it is a great way to infuriate Prabhas’ fans!” Divide and breed chaos and in-fighting. It seems to be working, if the comments on some of their forums are anything to go by.

    But, unless we, the consumers teach them a lesson by refusing to accept their filth and lower their clicks per month, they will not change their tactics. But, we are too addicted to stop visiting that website, aren’t we?

  2. what gets more page clicks/ad revenue for GA / TC a heading like the one they used or something like Nitya’s candidness at 180 press meet.

    • More than the websites, the way people reacting on her in twitter is disgusting. It was mentioned in the websites clearly that she said she didn’t watch any telugu movie apart from AM,Magadheera.Then what is wrong if she said she doesn’t know who Prabhas is? Neither he starred in any outstanding movie nor telugu movies (in the present situation) deserve a national audience.After all she is from mallu land and not from AP.I really pity the heroines who come from other states to work here. Inspite of language/cultural differences, they have to make their mark with their very first movie itself and get connected to the people.Otherwise no one would care about her.And then she has to know about all the actors/their family members/fans…this is too much.Look at some one like Allu Arjun.He could make it to telugu cinema inspite of his ‘acting’ in first film ‘Gangotri’(No offence meant).And his PR sknonline now tweets that ‘veellaki correct ga isthe saripothundi’.Inka nayam eeyana kuda teliyali emo heroines ki ikkada act cheyalante…(offence meant)

  3. Seems to me that Nithya may not have been headstrong – but she could have brushed up on the Who’s Who of the Telugu Industry. :) It seems odd that a young upcoming heroine who’s made a name for herself in TFI should plead ignorance so much (in this net savvy age too). Ah, well, she is new, after all. She’ll learn the ropes soon enough.

  4. She should have been little careful. Now she is unnecessarily in silly controversies. Hope she atleast uses nandinireddy’s twitter account to send some message to Prabhas fans

  5. finally it was clarified now. From the past two days even I felt that Nitya was head strong about Prabhas. Words can’t express/carry the original feeling without mentioning the “She laughs saying that” and etc… And also watched all the four clips from prashanth’s interview too. She is not headstrong. She is not much into the top list of stars n other stuff here. But she must polish her frankness. Rest will be fine with that.

  6. @crhemanth

    Hey…hemanth…am the one who posted this tweet rite??

    ““I hate Nithya. She told who is prabhas when someone asked if she would like to act with him. She doesn’t seem headstrong?”

    But why i got irritaed because already she has been into TFI..and also one or two films old…

    so she must have know atleast top stars being the star of the same industry….

    Prabhas is not a small star to ignore…

    i dont mind if her comment has been comes out of proportions or media has taken her comment out of context….

    One thing we can undertsand that one of the comment irked her(obviously the jurno wants to make fun of her height), she got anger and thats why she told like that…

    But she know prabhas and respect him !!

    sorry nithya if my comment hurts you…

    if you want to kick me.. please feel free and come over twitter….

    My twiiter handle ….> @sha_dxb

  7. Definitely she needs to who are big stars in TOI and she needs to be careful while talking to press. Otherwise she will face the same music from so called websites. Glad she didn’t made it to print media (Times of India) :-)
    Bhat bhayya ee paatiki oka range lo aadukunevaru

  8. cerysTHEmenace June 22, 2011, 12:55 pm

    So nice of you to reveal the difference between was actually said and what is being reported. Shame you couldn’t afford Kajal the same luxury, after all you weren’t in the room when she said what she allegedly said were you? And yet…

  9. after ages comes a heroine who is actually an actor and lo the typical male fanatism on how an actress is supposed to behave in the TFI rears it’s ugly head again.

    cut her some slack.

  10. While I was not the one that published the news about Nithya Menon on TC, here is another place I read it (incidentally before I read the same piece on TeluguCinema.Com)

    The TC article had been clear about the context, but I do agree personally that more clarity would have helped.

    As a digression:

    While I do agree that the sensationalism in the headline might have been misleading, it pains when TC is termed as a gossip-monger website or a website that runs behind ad revenues. Being in business since 1997, TC is the only website that stood that long and it may be worth mentioning that there were no ads on the website in the first 9 years; the webmaster still spends out of his own pocket for several expenses and contributors in the USA (including me) spend out of their pockets for exclusive telephonic interviews. TC is and never shall possibly be a website that wants to prey on ad revenue and/or gossips.

  11. Woah, really??? Goodness. It’s just words taken out of content. But these Prabhas fans, I swear are hardcore!!! Seriously. I haven’t wrote a full review on him on my blog but the mini reviews I have written on a few of his films have already landed on my top 5 of most viewed post, hehehe.

  12. Nitya is very head strong.. How can she say she dont know Prabas?
    This is toomuch… i really liked her so much.. but when she commented about prabas i started hating her…
    its not required to watch telugu movies to know about stars i guess..
    its your intrest matters.. if you want to work in particular place, you will try to know wat is wat and who is wat. if you are not intrested you wont bother much. Its clearly shows Nitya is not intrested to work in telugu industry…
    behind her cute smile is there is such a head stongness.. cant belive..
    i dint expect this from Nitya Menon.. Disappointing.

  13. I can’t get over the media workers these day. It would be an insult to the great journalists of the past to use the same word to describe these clowns. I wasn’t aware that heroines had to read the dictionary of who is who in Andhra before working there. As such, I doubt most of the big shots bollywood bigshots who have done films with Telugu actors hardly know anyone other than their costar. Preity Zinta might look at you like you are mental if you ask her who Balakrishna is… If you had asked a Venki’s ex-heroine Katrina Kaif at the stage of Malleswari who Prabhas was, she would have looked at you clueless. You going to ban her? I am yet to see Prabhas listed as an A star on Telugu star ratings, let his fans go wail over that.

    Have you watched or read the Nithya’s other interviews before deciding she is arrogant? We have got sons of stars and producers who come to acting and spend years learning to act. But we want an intelligent, honest Keralite girl to know the who of who in Andhra. Then we will worry about her doing her job right! Nice how our average male media worker seems to boast his ego by picking on someone new and defenseless. Did Nithya not immediately say she did not know, don’t make this into a controversy?

    I realize that these actors and actress are the reason that entertainment media workers can put bread and butter in their homes, but do you need to take words out of context and create situations that may not be the case? Heck, would all 80 million Telugus in Andhra know Prabhas? Didn’t Jr.NTR ask who is Chiru on television? Allegedly. Did the industry ban him or what did the media report? You will all curl your tail and line up for an exclusive with Jr.NTR.

    For those clueless out there that crib about Nithya acting with Mohanlal, did you ever stop to think what the story of the film might have been? Why she chose to act in it? Both Bhoomika and Genelia regretted acting in Vasu and Subhash Chandra Bose, respectively. Genelia was lucky to have an ongoing Bollywood career. Bhoomika faded out. Every person has a right to say yes or no. What is with these mobsters rationalizing their own stupidity against someone’s personal decision. If Nithya didn’t act in a film, it would be her financial loss.

    Thanks Hemanth for the space. I took way too much space. Still could debate… but some people are deaf, others act deaf for their purpose. I think most media workers these days are the later.

  14. Is really Nithya Menon so naive. Ala Modalaindi may be her first telugu film, but she has acted in nine malayalam & kannada films before Ala Modalaindi. I had seen only Anwar (malayalam) where she played an insignificant role as Prithviraj’s sister. May be all her earlier films had her in such small roles only (going by the multiple star cast of these movies). Ala Modalaindi gave her a name in the Telugu film industry. Won’t she atleast know the top who’s who of this industry even after doing two telugu movies? Will she learn about some person only is she is cast in their films? doesn’t it sound ridiculous? Let’s even believe that she doesn’t know Prabhas.. is this the way an actress who has done ten films answer? It’s hard to believe that this girl is so naive as you have suggested she may be.

    and if her statements have been blown out of proportion why did it take her this long to say she didn’t mean it? That’s only because she doesn’t want what happened to 180 happen to Sega.

  15. please ma prabhas annayyani tiddaddu meru prabhas ni tidithe meeku bagundadu.please behave properly.and be in your limits

  16. don’t do overaction and extras.don’t scould him he is the only one mr.perfect

  17. if you belongs to any one community you should know something about that. if not you are unfit that community. and nithya is un fit to telugu industry and we are angry on you ask sorry to darling

  18. Hi Mr Hemanth,I know replying now is of no importance but I’d like to share my views on this.I completely agree with you on this.When Nithya says she doesn’t know Prabhas she does not.Why do you have to make it a big controversy out of this.Am not saying it because am a fan of Nithya Menen but this was one incident which was completely blown out of proportion.

    The media should understand that.She is from Bangalore and infact she wasn’t interested in films actually and she is not aware of telugu movies much.Now my question to the media is if you work in movies does it mean you have to know everybody.All an actor needs to know is how to act and not the actors.Instaed of appreciating her work and her frankness you try to pull her down.I feel the media has a problem with her attitude.She is very honest and very frank.She doesn’t like being diplomatic.

    Whatever she said about Prabhas and Sidhaarth was true.Now the problem is she has started completely avoiding the media after this incident.She doesn’t give any personal interviews.She only appears for film promotions which is really bad.

    The media should not make a huge controversy out of small issues.


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